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PCB Fabrication and Manufacturers in India

Quality PCB Assembly Service

With over 20 years of excellence, world-class talent and innovative breakthroughs, PCB Power Market has come a long way to become one of India’s leading PCB designers and manufacturers Chennai today. Our focus on high-quality and economically viable systems combined with unmatched consistency has made us the firm of choice throughout India. Our customers rely on us for their requirements in research & development, aerospace & defense, automotive, railways, medical, educational, telecommunication, industrial electronics and other critical areas of development.

We are customer-centric and believe in making things simpler for our customers in Chennai, India. It is this value that makes us proud to launch the PCB Power Market. Be it design, customization or a component to do it yourself, the PCB Power Market has solutions for all – from customized designs to PCB layouts, from power stencils to soldering solutions, from fabrication to assembly, from heatsinks & mounting kits to thyristors & triacs, from varistors to switches, from capacitors to rectifiers, to thousands of small and large components that are required to build your state-of-the-art PCB. With everything under a single roof, the PCB Power Market is the first of its kind in Chennai, India – one stop for infinite solutions.

Flexibility and Innovation are at the heart of how we meet our customer’s needs. We believe in providing solutions that meet the customer’s requirements and are revolutionary at the same time. Cutting-edge High Frequency-RF metal clad PCBs, RT Duroid and Higher Layer count with lean manufacturing and SPC, are among our ground-breaking solutions, manufactured in our UL certified facility.

With spirit and enthusiasm, our team of creative, experienced and highly competent engineers, designers, and staff at PCB Power take care of customers across the globe, delivering quality – every single time.